Vaki från Österåker - SE2007107134

Vaki is a wellbuilt and powerfull fivegaited stallion with big, beautiful movements. He is born 2007, chestnut with a blaze and 141 cm tall.

His best assessment 2015 is among one of the highest riding abilities for swedish breed icelandichorses. Hos BLUP on 133 is the highest of stallions, in the world, it truly reflects his strong pedigree, high assesment and his offsprings accomplishments.

Vaki has 10 offsprings with first prize and was 2018 rewarded with 1st prize for his offsprings.

Vaki has a great character and a good spirit. He is social, nice and easy to handle. While covering he is a true gentlemen and a very experienced breeding atsllion. He is always very gentle with his mares and loves to play around with the foals in the herd.