A pedigree with strong bloodlines.

Vaki is teh son of two incredible horses with both high assessment. They have also achieved incredibly well as breeding horses and are both honoured with honouray prize for their offsprings. Vakis strong pedigree  goes many generations back and is filled with many horses who have made a great impact in icelandichorses breeding though the years. His very high BLUP 133 is the highest of all stallions in the world.

e. Garri frá Reykjavik

Total: 8,77 Riding: 9,05 Confirmation: 8,35

Honorary prize for offsprings

Father to many great horses, for exampel Tenor frá Túnsbergi with incredible 9,15 for riding abilities. Garri has more than 70 offsprings with first prize.

u. Von frá Vindheimum

Total: 8,41 Riding: 8,65 Confirmation: 8:05

Honorary prize for offsprings

One of Swedens best breeding mares of all times. Nine out of her 12 offsprings are assessed with a mean score of 8,25. She is also the mother of Viking från Österåker with 9,07 for ridingabilities.

ee. Orri frá Þúfu

Total: 8,34 Riding: 8,61 Conf: 8,08

Honorary prize for offsprings

Orri is a true legend in icelandichorse breeding. He has been a true contributer and is the father of many succsesful and highly judged offsprings.

Among other he has eight offsprings judged over 9,0 for riding abilites. 

Orri has made an important mark in icelandic horse breeding all over the world.

eu. Ísold frá Gunnarsholti

Total: 8,19 Riding: 8,53 Conf: 7,86

Honorary prize for offsprings

Ísold har eight judged offsprings with a mean score on 8,18, seven of them are assessed with first prize.

ue. Svalur frá Glæsibæ

Total: 8,23 Riding: 8,53 Conf: 7,93

Elite prized for offsprings.

Svalur has 29 offsprings assessed with first prize, many of them has been rewarded for their offsprings. 

uu. Stygg frá Vindheimum

Stygg is a relativively unknown mare born 1980. She has not been assessed and has only gotten one offspring, Von.