Covering information

Tenglagården / Snäcksjön

Vaki will cover mares at Tenglagården (close to Örebro) the first period of the season (15/4 -20/7) 

Therese: 076-8115404


Rest of the season he will cover mares at Snäcksjön (Östhammar, on hour drive from Uppsala).

Ella: 070 - 744 56 80


Snäcksund 176
74293 Östhammar


Stud fee:  3 125 SEK including 25% VAT

90-days gestation fee: 11 875 SEK including 25% VAT

Grass fee in herd with other mares: 50 SEK a day including 25% VAT

Own pasture:  125 SEK a day including 25% VAT




Vaki betäckningskontrakt 2020

Vaki - an experienced breeding stallion.

Vaki is an experienced breeding stallion who's been covering mares since he was two years old. He is great at coveirng mares both in hand and in herd. He's always had a great pregnancy percent and is good at getting his mares pregnant without any stress or hassle.

When he's pasture-covering he takes a good care of his mares and don't jump on them unnecessary. He keeps the herd calm and usually tends to be the babysitter and play with the foals when the mares need to rest.